Book Shop & Reading Room

Project Info

New York City



This small book shop and reading room is in a storefront in the new Fulton Transit Center in Lower Manhattan. Situated within the historical landmark section of the center, the space required a sales area and separate quiet room and needed to fit within a 700-square foot area.

The quiet room is created by setting panels in a facetted gentle curve that is 16 feet high and reaches to the ceiling. The panels are made from recycled resin and have tree branches laminated within the panels. The result is a translucent wall that gives the small space an added dimension and separates the sales area from the quiet space. The space is accented with hanging “clouds” that help conceal pipes and sprinkler heads. Shelving for display and books in addition to the hanging “clouds” are all made from the recycled resin material. Adaptable lighting was included to optimize the display of books and highlight a changing sales inventory.

An ADA restroom was also included within the space and the entire project had to be approved by the MTA with its rather strict approval process.