first church of christ
first church of christ, scientist
first church of christ, new york

First Church of Christ, Scientist

Project Info

New York, NY, USA

100 year old New York City Landmark

Complete exterior & interior restoration

Improved energy efficiencies

This neo-classical white marble church has proudly stood at the corner of 68th Street and Central Park West since 1899. Sydness Architects was commissioned to restore the entire exterior and interior of the building, which is a New York City listed landmark building. Assembling and directing the team of preservation and restoration experts during the three year period, the architects discovered several concealed treasures during the project.

The exterior envelope of the building was totally refurbished and steps were taken to improve the energy efficiency throughout the structure, while working hand in hand with the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission. The grand interior space was completely restored, from the impressive glass dome to the white marble mosaic floor. State of the art life safety systems were discreetly installed through the building while restoration work was under way.

Photographer: Elliot Kaufman