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Grandview Heights residential condominiums
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Grandview Heights by Sydness Architects
Grandview Heights

Grandview Heights

Project Info

Bentonville, AR, USA

3 Building Condominium Development

Waterfront Recreational Community


Sydness Architects has designed a three-building complex of 15-story luxury residential condominiums, named Grandview Heights, for a 170-acre waterfront property on Beaver Lake in northwest Arkansas. Located in one of the fastest growing areas in the country, the condominiums are planned to attract upscale second home buyers as well as retirees. The first multi-story condominium complex in northwest Arkansas, it marks a new stage in the area’s growth and development.

The buildings’ curved plans are a response to the lake and natural setting with its rolling hills and soft, lush landscape. All of the units will have generous balconies.