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Lima, Peru

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Contemporary Art Wing

The contemporary art wing of the Lima Art Museum (MALI) is a separate structure from the original building, which is an 1870 Italianate structure known as the Exposition Palace. In order to preserve the exterior view of the palace, a large portion of the new wing will be built below grade. An entrance plaza will be created in the existing park which will lead into the new wing.

The wing will be 62,000 square feet and have two levels below grade, with a central open atrium space. The first level will be galleries with skylights bringing in natural light, and the lower level will be classrooms, a library and multi-purpose flexible space and a lounge in the central atrium area. The new wing will be enclosed in spectrally selective low-e glazing to reduce radiant heat. Also a ceramic frit will be used to further reduce radiant thermal energy.