Sotheby's entry design
Sotheby's institute of art
Sotheby's institute of art class
Library in Sotheby's institute of art
Sotheby's lobby design
Sotheby's design by Sydness Architects
Sotheby's institute of Art workspace design
Sotheby's by Sydness Architects
Sotheby's conference room design
Sotheby's workspace design


Sotheby’s Institute of Art, New York campus is a graduate school of art located on two floors of a midtown Manhattan office tower, offering graduate degrees in art business and object based learning. Student classrooms, commons areas, faculty and administrative offices as well as a library and gallery comprise the essential elements that make up the campus design.

Satisfying the challenges of a diverse and varied space program we retained the crisp, contemporary spirit that the institute desired in the design and finishes of the space. The requirement for flexible gallery installations throughout the school provided an opportunity to use diverse lighting solutions for changing exhibitions.