Takashimaya, Fifth Avenue, Manhattan
Takashimaya lobby design
North American Takashimaya department store
Takashimaya by Sydness Architects


Project Info

New York, NY, USA

Mixed Use, Retail, Office

100,000 sq. ft

The North American flagship store for the Tokyo-based Takashimaya department store is located on Fifth Avenue in the heart of Manhattan. Its prominent site is mid-block in a neighborhood with a rich architectural context, so the building’s avenue facade takes on added significance. The owners encouraged the architects to design a facade that would respect the context of the neighborhood. Limestone was selected as the primary building material; two-story granite orders and engaged columns rise one upon another from the three-story high entry at the base to the top of the building, where they end in a porch-like colonnade just below the penthouse. The requirement for several floors of office space in addition to the department store necessitated two distinct entrances, thereby giving office tenants a secure lobby separate from the retail entrance.

Jeff Sydness was the Design Partner-in-Charge of this project for John Burgee Architects.