U.K. Railway Stations

Project Info

United Kingdom



Sydness Architect’s design for a series of roughly 2,000 small to medium size rail stations throughout various parts of the United Kingdom features a design that is standardized and modular while being consistently identifiable as a rail station regardless of exact location, settings, or contexts throughout the country.

The design is flexible and versatile, meeting the needs of passengers and communities, with a sustainable environmentally sensitive solution.

The image or identity of the station is to express the linear, horizontal qualities of railway cars on a track. Creating a modular structure of steel tubes that provide column free space and can be easily adjusted for varying sizes, will allow for expansion within the design vocabulary.

The glass and metal horizontal panels that form the envelope of the building are supported by arching steel tubes that connect on the track side of the station. The tubes that create the façade along the track arch out over the platform to provide a sheltering roof over passengers as they enter and exit the station.

Sliding doors within a large arched entrance at the drop off area give an open, welcoming, impression and create a positive image of the station to the neighboring community.  This entrance, set within the horizontal elements of the façade, will be an unmistakable identity for stations throughout the country.

Essential facilities such as toilets, offices, storage, and mechanical rooms are located along the entry wall, creating a display wall facing the open station space that contain information and video and digital images of a wide variety for the community.  Kiosks strategically located in the spine of the linear space provide additional information, ticket sales if necessary, and other opportunities for vending and retail.

Seating and waiting areas within the linear plan are flexible and adjusted to the needs of the station and its passengers.